How do I make a warranty claim?

Please go to the our warranty form and it will guide you through the process.

I cannot get enough elevation?

The shim is required if you find that there is not enough travel on the elevation when trying to zero. Normally there isn’t enough travel down so you would place the thick part of the shim at the rear of the sight and tip the sight down. You will then likely need to use the shorter of the screws to mount it down.

I cannot get enough windage?

It is very uncommon for there to be a problem with windage. The main cause is that the sight is misaligned on the mount so firstly look over the gun and make a judgement to see if the sight appears to be point in the same direction as the barrel. If it is then we suggest determining how much travels is available as something might have jammed in the mechanism. To do this turn the screw clockwise until you feel tension and then stop, now tighten using the allen key provided.

I have a faulty sight, what do I do?

Please visit our warranty form to get the sight reported and begin the return the process.

My LED seems very dim, is it broken?

The battery may need replacing. If you have replaced the battery but the brightness doesn’t improve please contact us via our warranty form.

The LED has come out of my sight?

Oops, we can only guess that you adjusted he elevation screw whilst the sight was off the gun or mount. Unfortunately, you will need to get the sight and parts back to us to rebuild the sight for you. Please follow the warranty form to do this.

Where do I get mounting screws, my sights didn’t come with any?

The screw size will depend on which mount you have or whether someone has cut a slide for the sight. The standard screws required for mounting a Shield sight is an M4 x 8mm, M4 x 10mm or M3 x 8mm. Since 2019 all Shield mini sights have been provided with screws for mounting.

Still having problems? Contact us via our warranty form.