Team Brit is aiming to become the first ever all-disabled racing team to compete in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. Through technological innovation they have created the world’s most advanced hand control technology to enable drivers to race competitively.  Through our partnership with the team, we can further those innovations and hopefully give them a greater competitive edge.

Team Brit Racing

Bridport Evolution

As part of our ongoing commitment to support our local community, SHIELD has played a key role both in terms of supporting the team but also as a player and coach. Through basketball it aims to engage with all ages and abilities ranging from youth to senior pro players and regularly compete both at a county level here in Dorset and Nationally.

Bridport Evolution Basketball Club

African Park Rangers

Through our support to the African Parks Rangers program, we were able to provide technical assistance in their ongoing efforts to protect and preserve Rhino populations from the ongoing threat faced daily from poaching. African Parks have several ongoing projects to revive Rhino populations in areas where they were once lost.Supporting the Rangers of Zakouma National Park in Chad and Garamba National Park in DRC with Reflex sights to help defend their Native Rhino and Elephant populations from Poachers.

African Park Rangers

Bridport Food and Drink Festival.

The Bridport Food and Beer Festival is an important date for the Town. Not only does it give Bridport residents, the wider community and our visitors the chance to try and buy fantastic local food and drink, it supports our local food and drink businesses and also provides them with the opportunity to showcase their high quality, artisan produce to existing and new customers. We all know how drastic this past two years has been for the hospitality and food industry – it is so important that we give them a platform for interacting, promoting and selling.

With a thriving number of microbreweries , distilleries and vineyards , Dorset produces some truly unique products which the festival aims to showcase every year. We are always happy to support the event and attendance levels from the team here at SHIELD are always very high !

Bridport Food and Beer Festival

Jurassic Field Festival

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Jurassic Coast that is situated within the counties of Dorset and Devon provides an outstanding backdrop for an event which aims to showcase the tremendous musical talent that exists in Bridport and West Dorset. As a not for profit organisation , the help offered by SHIELD goes a long way to further the development of music in the local community.

Jurassic Fields Festival

Bridport 3 on 3 Basketball Competition

Premier British 3×3 basketball annual tournament. Featuring both senior and junior competition. Held yearly in the local town of Beaminster the competition attracts players all across the UK.

Bridport Evolution Basketball Club

International Practical Shooting Confederation

As the global governing body of the sport , the IPSC aims to promote , maintain , improve and advance the sport of practical shooting. As a Major Partner , we are proud to support their endeavours in a sport with strong links to the UK and SHIELD as a whole. With goals to support and grow youth involvement as well as inclusion on all levels , it may come as no surprise that the sport of practical shooting has now gained the GAISF status with a future aimed firmly towards Olympic Inclusion.

EG-CZ Academy

As part of the growth in Practical Shooting , the Academy was built in partnership with 9 times world champion Eric Grauffel, to provide a World Class all weather training facility to allow both new and existing competitors the opportunity to train and learn from the professionals teaching at the academy. As part of SHIELD’s ongoing program to provide growth and support to our sport this partnership is an investment for all.

Eric Grauffel - CZ Academy

Team Shield Sights

To provide support to our athletes from all over the world , Team SHIELD Sights was formed to showcase their abilities and provide customers with the opportunity to speak to and discuss our products in the field whilst in use. We also aim to promote young talent in our sport with team members covering all ages from youth to grand senior.

Young Tigers

As part of our youth development program we help and support all kinds of sporting activities, the Young Tigers Ice Hockey team is a big part of that. From the age of 4 children are introduced to the sport of ice hockey in a fun and interesting way with the club providing full coaching and talent pathway right up to the full adult team. Currently the club has approximately 200 active members with a long term goal to eventually compete at a National level. We hope that the support we offer goes someway to help sustain the clubs needs as they are entirely self-funded.

Young Tigers